Turn Your Gotta's Into Goals

Many people go through their personal and professional lives in the "gotta" mode without taking action. For example, you often hear "I gotta lose weight" or "we gotta grow this company" or "I gotta get out of debt." Gotta's without action often lead to frustration and life that is not very satisfying.

Marty Jindra's "Give 'em L" program is designed to help you make an important move in your life — a move from wishing and hoping about what's important to you — to making those things your goals and accomplishing those goals. This program will help you and your organization to achieve your most important goals.

This program is designed to make individuals and organizations more results-oriented. The 24-minute audio program includes:

Track 1:
• The Difference Between a Gotta and a Goal
• The Steps to Goal Achievement
• 5 Things that Hold Us Back

Track 2:
• Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone
• Overcoming Postponement and Fear
• Dealing with Instant Gratification and Excuses

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The audio CD includes a bonus booklet with 6 motivational reminders that can be displayed in the CD case on your desk. The 2 audio tracks in mp3 format can also be downloaded for immediate use:

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This program can be delivered in a 1 hour presentation or as a half day interactive seminar. Contact Marty for details.