Employee Profit Training Program

inCharge is a financial education program that explains the basics of how a company generates profit, and why profit is valuable to every employee.

inCharge encourages participants to contribute ideas on how to increase the profitability of their company. The interactive session drives home the point that everyone is "inCharge" of the company's success.

Employers and business owners assume employees share their intense focus on profitability. Unfortunately, the majority of employees have not had formal training in financial literacy, as confirmed by a recent study by the Business Literacy Institute at Alliant International University:

• 38% = score of executives, supervisors on financial literacy exam
• 62% thought discounts by sales reps had no impact on gross margin
• 57% of managers were unable to distinguish profit from cash
• 46% understood why return on assets is important

Employees need to be trained on how their effort and ideas can impact profit, the company's strength, and their job security. Teaching your employees to interpret financial information can boost engagement and the bottom line.

Program Overview

  1. INTRODUCTION: compare personal and company investments to illustrate why profit is necessary.
  2. BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS: how a company knows if it's making money.
  3. CONTRIBUTION MARGIN: how changes in its components affect the profitability of the company.
  4. FIXED COSTS: how changes to fixed costs affect the company’s profitability.
  5. THE POSITIVE IMPACT of combined increased contribution margin AND fixed cost reduction.
  6. PRESENTATION of ways participants can increase contribution margin and reduce fixed costs.
  7. BREAK OUT SESSION: participants identify specific ideas to increase profitability of the company.
  8. PRESENTATION OF IDEAS generated in the break out groups.
  9. SELECTION OF KEY IDEAS and action plans for implementation.
  10. MOTIVATIONAL CLOSING including Q&A. Everyone in the organization is inCHARGE of maximizing profit.

Sample Slides
Gain a deeper understanding of inCharge by viewing these sample slides.

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