My 20k Bonus

Turning your Gotta's into Goals

It's been more than 20,000 days since Marty Jindra, then 7 years old, was diagnosed with cancer. He beat cancer and, in the process, learned at an early age that we are all living on bonus time, and there is no better time to act on important goals than now.

Marty's "My 20k Bonus: Turning your Gotta's into Goals" is an educational, meaningful, motivational presentation that:

During a one hour session, attendees learn the difference between a Gotta and a Goal, five obstacles that hold us back from the attainment of our goals, and actions we can take to overcome these obstacles.

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My 20k Bonus is ideal for a wide range of audiences including cancer survivor groups, healthcare groups, sales meetings, and general motivational presentations. Contact Marty for details.